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13th Congress of European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation


Welcome to the EFRR 2015 Congress!

Rehabilitation is a keyword in health care and social work. Active and productive rehabilitation makes basic and special health care and social work worthwhile. Research in rehabilitation tells us that the operations are profitable and cost-effective and they target right. Rehabilitation is also one of the key means in Work disability prevention.

EFRR 2015 is the 13th Congress of European Forum for Research in Rehabilitation, which will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 6-9 May 2015, in Marina Congress Center. EFRR is the European co-operating net for professionals in rehabilitation. You find updated information:

The congress will provide shared knowledge to be used in human health, new scientific research, and for the improvement of educational efforts in rehabilitation. You find the programme and key speakers at We will concentrate in both, scientific and practical issues. Besides interesting oral lectures there will be scientific and also best practice posters representing developments in rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation after illness, accident, becoming disabled, social exclusion or unemployment is important because it gives possibility for a person to return to work or study and to return to the active member of society. To be rehabilitated well requires operative nursing. The rehabilitation after active nursing is inseparable part of the chain of medical and nursing operations. Functional rehabilitation is composed of interrelation of patient and professionals and society around them. Rehabilitation is also preventive and operant. It helps to avoid superfluous remedial operations.

The theme of the congress is “Being, Doing, Participating” referring to WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health. The congress is providing an arena with a wide spectrum of different fields in the rehabilitation research including neurological, psychiatric, physiologic, pediatric, geriatric, social and occupational rehabilitation. There also will be organized symposia and lections of case management, returning to work, pain rehabilitation, ICF and technology and appurtenances in rehabilitation.

The EFRR Congress offers to professionals the widest and the best knowledge of developments in rehabilitation. Don´t miss your vocational opportunity. Welcome!

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Aarne Ylinen
EFRR 2015 Congress President

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EFRR 2015

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