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International Conference on Refugees, Security, and Sustainable Development in the Middle East: The Need for North – South Dialogue


Deadline for submissions: 17 December 2015

Conference Objectives:

1.      Shed light on Refuge and displacement movements in the Middle East, especially in the era of the Arab Spring.

2.      Clarify the various implications of the forced migration movements particularly the security consequences at the internal level of each country or the region and the world.

3.      Clarify the mutual relationship between migration movements (especially the forced migrations) and sustainable development both within the host countries and at the global level.

4.      Review the latest scientific and academic approaches in addressing the issue of refugees, security and sustainable development.

5.      Review of opportunities and possibilities for rehabilitation of refugees, especially to provide education opportunities for them.

Conference Topics:

First: Forced migration movements in the Arab region during the Arab Spring era.

Second: Refugees and global security.

Third: Refugees and sustainable development in the host countries.

Fourth: Refugees and the need for North-South dialogue

Fifth: Research and scientific additions in the fields of forced migration, security and sustainable development.

Sixth: Refugee education is an entrance for sustainable development in the region.