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Dip di Statistica, Viale Morgagni 59

University of Florence

Viale Morgagni 59

Firenze, Firenze 50134


Nationality: Italy


Membership Number :20273

Gustavo De Santis

Professor Of Demography, University of Florence

Field of study: Demography, Economics

Regional focus: Western Europe

Highest Degree Level:

Doctorate (Ph.D, MD), Demography, Rome, 1989

Working languages:
  • - Italian
  • - English
  • - French
  • - Spanish

Professional summary:

Professor of Demography at the University of Firenze (Italy), I am a member of several national and international professional associations (EAPS, PAA, AIDELF, ...). I have participated in a few international research projects (e.g. “FAMICHIP - New Family Patterns in Italy and Poland: Finding the Determinants of the Change” and “MAGGIE - Major Ageing and Gender Issues in Europe”).

My main research interests are those that link demography to economics, e.g. ageing and pension problems, and cost of children.

Member since: 1989

De Santis G. Mucciardi M. (2016) “From Euclidean distances to APC models”, Quality & Quantity, online first, pp. 18 (DOI 10.1007/s11135-016-0442-y)

De Santis G., Maltagliati M., Salvini S. (2016) “A measure of the cultural distance between countries”, Social Indicators Research, 126 (3): 1065–1087, DOI 10.1007/s11205-015-0932-7

De Santis G., Salinari G. (2015) “Earlier and more rapid ageing: does nutrition contribute?”, International Journal of Population Studies, vol 1, pp. 42-59 (DOI

De Santis G., Salinari G. (2015) “On the beginning of mortality acceleration”, Demography, Volume 52 (1), Page 39-60. DOI: 10.1007/s13524-014-0363-0.

De Santis G. (2015) “More with Less: the Almost Ideal Pension Systems (AIPSs)”, Vienna Yearbook of Population Research 2014 (Vol. 12): Health, Education, and Retirement over the Prolonged Life Cycle, Uwe SUNDE, Alexia FÜRNKRANZ-PRSKAWETZ and Michael KUHN (Eds.), pp. 169–192. DOI: 10.1553/populationyearbook2014s169.

Honorary positions:

April 2010 to April 2018: President of the Scientific Council of INED (Paris).
Since Nov. 2015: Chief editor of N-IUSSP (
2007-today - Organizer (currently President) of the website "Neodemos" (
Since July 2015: VIce president of AISP (Italian Association ofor the Study of Population)
Since January 2014: Italian representative al the UN Population Commission

Other association membership in population or related fields:
  • - Association Internationale des Démographes de Langue Française (AIDELF)
  • - European Association for Population Studies (EAPS)
  • - Population Association of America (PAA)