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PopPov 9th Annual Conference on Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development


Call for Papers:  Population and Poverty Research Network (PopPov) Ninth Annual Research Conference on Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development, June 24-26, 2015, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Deadline for submissions: March 2, 2015, 8AM ET


Conference Themes

The conference scientific program steering committee invites paper submissions that address important issues at the intersection of population, reproductive health and economic prosperity. We strongly encourage studies that are policy relevant, can make causal connections, and provide insight for programmatic or policy changes. A listing of research publications from the PopPov Research Network may be found at


Some areas of particular interest to the network include:

  • ·         Links between fertility and economic outcomes (labor force, consumption, savings, productivity)
  • ·         Intrahousehold bargaining and economic outcomes
  • ·         Men’s roles in reproductive health decisions
  • ·         Impact of social protection programs on marriage, fertility and empowerment
  • ·         Intergenerational effects (for example, the impact on children of interventions that target young women)
  • ·         Connections between urbanization, fertility, and poverty trends
  • ·         Effect of delaying marriage on fertility and empowerment outcomes
  • ·         Drivers of fertility preferences
  • ·         Measurement of empowerment


Please click here for more information and instructions for Submission of Papers