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Research Grants/Fellowship/Post Docs

  • 2 post-doctoral fellowships for panel study on childhood development, Building Human Capacity in Singapore’s Population, Centre for Family and Population Research (CFPR), National University of Singapore -
    Deadline for applications:
    Saturday, September 30, 2017
  • 1-2 full-time post-doctoral research scientists. Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPIDR) - Download
    Deadline for applications:
    Sunday, October 1, 2017
  • Internship.Research Assistant - Social Sciences. U.N. Economic Commission for Africa. Addis Ababa. -
    Deadline for applications:
    Saturday, December 30, 2017
  • Federal Institute for Population Research (BiB): 2 post-doctoral research fellows. 1 pre-doctoral research assistant -
    Deadline for applications:
    Sunday, December 31, 2017