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Stephen A. Matthews

Liberal Arts Professor, Director Graduate Program in Demography
Penn State

Country of residence:
United States

Nationalité: Etats-Unis d'Amérique , Royaume-Uni
Sexe: M

Membre depuis: 2012
N° de membre : 25612
Membership Type: Cotisation Normale

Domaines de recherche: Anthropologie, Demographie, Geographie, Sociologie

Spécialisations: Démographie appliquée, Social Demography, Spatial Analysis (and Geographic Information), Training, Documentation, Information

Régions du monde étudiées: Etats Unis et Canada, Afrique sub-saharienne

Education: Doctorat (Ph.D, MD) , 1991 , University of Wales, Cardiff , Geography/Planning

Langues de travail: Anglais

Membres d'autres associations d'études de la population: Population Association of America (PAA)

Page web professionnelle:

Parcours professionnel:

I am Professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Demography (Courtesy Geography) and Director of the Graduate Program in Demography at Penn State. I serve as one of the co-editors of Demography (2016-2019).


I am a transdisciplinary researcher with a broad set of interests in the demographic and health sciences. I have a proven record of successful management of infrastructure, training, mentoring, and research grants. My objective is to be a catalyst for new projects and to provide opportunities for others. Specialties: Spatial demography, health disparities, race/ethnic segregation and income inequality, and food and built environment. I am increasingly interested in global health in the context of urbanization/migration and the non-communicable disease. 


Selected (5 max)


Howell FM, Porter JR, Matthews SA (Eds.) (2016) Recapturing Space: New Middle-range Theory in Spatial Demography. Springer.

Matthews SA, Yang T-C (2013) Spatial Polygamy and Contextual Exposures (SPACEs): Promoting activity space approaches in research on place and health. American Behavioral Scientist 57(8):1057-1081.


Matthews SA, Parker DM. (2013) Progress in spatial demography. Demographic Research Volume 28, Article 10, 271-312.


Yang T-C, Chen VY-J, Shoff C, Matthews SA (2012) Using quantile regression to examine the effects of inequality across the mortality distribution in the US counties. Social Science and Medicine 74, 1900-1910.


Reardon SF, Matthews SA, O’Sullivan D, Lee BA, Firebaugh G, Farrell CR, Bischoff K (2008) The geographic scale of metropolitan racial segregation.  Demography 45 (3):489-514.


Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Liberal Arts Professor (2018-)
Director, Graduate Program in Demography at Penn State (2013-2018)
Co-Editor: Demography (2016-2019)
Associate Editor: Demographic Research (2012-2016)
Liberal Arts awards for (a) being PI/coPI recipient of 15 externally funded grants while at Penn State, and (b) securing 19 years continuous funding.

Bourses de recherche:

Stephen A. Matthews (PI) “Advanced Spatial Analysis Training Program for Population Scientists” (with Donald Janelle and Michael Goodchild (both UC Santa Barbara)). National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Awarded June, 2008. No cost extension 2013-2014. (URL: http://www.gispopsci.org/)

Barrett A. Lee (PI), Stephen Matthews, Chad Farrell, Matthew Hall, and Laura Tach. “Racial and ethnic diversity in American communities, 1980-2010.” National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development Awarded: July, 2013.

Shannon Zenk (PI) (University of Illinois at Chicago) et al. “Environmental Attributes and Weight Control: Study of Over 1.3 Million Veterans.” R01 Subcontract Awarded Fall 2013 National Institutes of Health.

Dan Kifer (PI), Stephen Matthews, and Tse-Chuan Yang "A Utility for Private Data Sharing in Social Science.” A Trustworthy Computing (TWC) in the Social Behavioral and Economic Sciences (SBES) Medium application. Awarded: September, 2012.