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Bogdan State

PhD Candidate
Stanford University

1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park
CA , 94025
United States

Nationalité: Roumanie
Sexe: M

Membre depuis: 2016
N° de membre : 39353
Membership Type: Etudiant

Domaines de recherche: Computer Studies, Sociologie

Spécialisations: Démographie appliquée, Collecte et traitement des données, Migration Interne, Migration internationale, Mathematical Demography, Spatial Analysis (and Geographic Information) , Computational Demography

Education: Niveau Master , 2014 , Stanford University , Sociologie

Langues de travail: Anglais

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I am a social scientist with a heavy computational bent. I work with the Product Data Science at Facebook, on subjects related to the understanding of diffusion processes. I have also done research on social exchange, trust, risk and uncertainty, as well as in the field of the use of online data for the study of human migrations. I have received a Master's in Sociology from Stanford University and a Bachelor's in History and Sociology from Amherst College. I am also currently working on Master's in Computer Science and on my Sociology PhD, both at Stanford.