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Elections for IUSSP Officers and Council members for 2018-2021 and for members of the 2021 Committee on Nominations took place from 30 July to 1 October 2017.

See Election Results.



All current and confirmed members of the IUSSP have the right to vote. Student associates do not vote in the elections.

To increase turn-out, elections are now organized via the Internet, using a secure external online voting company, eBallot (formerly Votenet Solutions), an Internet voting service that provides online voting for a large number of associations and companies. Members will be sent by email a username and password to access the ballot and vote. However, members who prefer to vote by post can request a paper ballot.


The election opens by 30 July of the year in which the Council term of office ends. To be counted, duly filled ballots must be received at the Union’s headquarters by 1 October of the same year. If a meeting of the General Assembly occurs before 30 September of that year, members in attendance may submit their completed ballot at that meeting, though we urge all members to vote electronically. The counting of the ballot forms will be completed by 15 October. For each category of office, those receiving the highest number of votes will be declared elected. In case of a tie, the President of the Union shall have a deciding vote.


The electoral procedure is controlled by an Election Committee composed of three IUSSP members appointed by the Council. 


The rules governing IUSSP elections can be found in article 11 of the Constitution.

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