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Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi

Professor of Demography, and Director
University of Tehran and National Institute of Population Research

Department of Demography
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Tehran
Jalal Al Ahmad Avenue
Iran, Islamic Republic of

Nationalité: Iran
Sexe: M

Membre depuis: 2000
N° de membre : 20021
Membership Type: Cotisation Normale

Council Member
2018 - 2021
Domaines de recherche: Demographie

Spécialisations: Familles et ménages, Fécondité, Migration internationale

Régions du monde étudiées: Moyen-Orient et Afrique du Nord (MENA)

Education: Doctorat (Ph.D, MD) , 1998 , Australian National University , Démographie

Langues de travail: Anglais , Persian (Iran)

Membres d'autres associations d'études de la population: Asian Population Association (APA), European Association for Population Studies (EAPS) , Population Association of Iran; International Association for the Study of Forced Migration

Parcours professionnel:

Mohammad Jalal Abbasi-Shavazi is Professor of Demography, University of Tehran (UT) and Director of the National Institute of Population Research, Iran. He obtained his PhD from the Australian National University (ANU); and served as Head, Department of Demogrpahy, UT (2002-2006), and Research Fellow, Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute (2010-2014). He has worked and published on such areas as Iran's fertility transition, family change, population policies, Muslim demography, and forced and refugee migration; and is the author of prize-winning book on The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction. Abbasi-Shavazi is a founding member of the Asian Population Association, and served as its Vice-President (2009-2010) and President (2011-2012). He chaired the IUSSP Panel on Demography of Refugees (2010-2014), and is the Editor of Iranian Population Studies, and a member of Editorial Board of Asian Population Studies, International Migration Reviews and Demographia. Abbasi-Shavazi is the Laureate of the 2011 United Nations Population Award.


Hugo, G., Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J., and Kraly, E.P. (eds.) Forthcoming, Demography of Refugee and Forced Migration, Springer.

Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J. and Sadeghi, R. 2016, Integration of Afghans in Iran: Patterns, Levels and Policy Implications, Migration Policy and Practice, Vol. VI (3): 22-29.

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Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J., Askari-Nodoushan, A., and Thornton, A., 2012, Family life and developmental idealism in Yazd, Iran, Demographic Research, 26(10): 207-238.

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Lutz, W., Crespo Cuaresma, J.,  Abbasi-Shavazi, M.J. 2010, Demography, Education and Democracy: Global Trends and the Case of Iran, Population and Development Review, 36(2): 253-281.

Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ., P. McDonald, and Hosseini-Chavoshi, M. 2009, The Fertility Transition in Iran: Revolution and Reproduction, Springer, Dordrecht.

Abbasi-Shavazi, MJ., and P. McDonald, 2000, Fertility and Multiculturalism: immigrant fertility in Australia: 1977-91, International Migration Review, 34(1): 215-42.

Honorary or professional positions and awards:
Vice-President (2009-2010) and President (2011-2012) of the Asian Population Association;
Chair of the Establishment Committee (2007-2008) of the Asian Population Association;
Vice-President (2014-2017) and President (2017-2019) of the Population Association of Iran;
Chair of the IUSSP Scientific Panel on Demography of Refugee and Forced Migration (2010-2014);
Member of Developmental Idealism Study Group at the University of Michigan, USA;
Member of Management Committee of Refugee Research Network at York University, Canada;
Member of Irregular Migration Research Advisory Group, Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection;
Member of Board of Trustees, International Center for Diarrhoeal Diseases, Bangladesh;
Research Fellow, Economic Research Forum (ERF), Egypt;

Laureate of the 2011 United Nations Population Award;
2016 Distinguished Researcher of the Year, Islamic Republic of Iran;
2016 Distinguished Writer-International, Social Sciences Category, University of Tehran;
Winner of the 2011 World Prize for the Best Book of the Islamic Republic of Iran;
Winner of the 1997 W. D Borrie Prize for the Best Graduate Essay, Australian Population Association

Bourses de recherche:
2010-2014 Australian Research Council, Future Fellowship Grant on Changing Patterns of Migration from Afghanistan;
2012-2015 Australian Research Council, Demographic consequences of Disaster in Selected Asian Countries (Co-Investigator);
2012-2013 Recent Trends and Levels of Iran's Fertility using the own-children method, Statistical Center of Iran;
1998-2007 Three large grants from the Wellcome Trust on Iran's Fertility Transition.