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International Workshop on Health and Labour Policy Evaluation (HLPE)


Workshop on Health and Labour Policy Evaluation (HLPE), to be held in Paris, France, on 1st to 3rd February 2017, organised by the French Institute for Research and Information in Health Economics (Irdes).

Faced with a challenging economic environment, many countries have adapted new labour, health and welfare public policies. Their effects on individuals’ well-being and on social inequalities are still not well understood. Successful policy conception and implementation require detailed knowledge of the connections between labour markets and health. The aim of this 2017 workshop is to provide a forum for presentation, discussion and communication of new evidence and their implications for public policy, across a wide range of issues in the field of labour and health economics. The topics covered by the workshop include, but are not limited to: health at work, determinants of sickness absences, employer incentives to curb absences and disability, flexicurity and well-being, impact of health status and disability on employment trajectories, ageing and labour participation, retirement and health, disability insurance and labour market participation, workers’ compensation, policy evaluation and cross-country comparisons regarding all the above-mentioned issues.


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