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Online seminar "Estimating International Migration Flows"


Dear colleague,


We are pleased to invite you to join the online seminar ‘Estimating international migration flows: Past, present and future’ on Thursday, June 17 at 14:00 – 16:30 CET (8 AM New York, 1 PM Lagos, 3 PM Nairobi)


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Topic: Data on international migration are far from being sufficient and precise. This negatively impacts the demographic analysis of population change and increases the uncertainty of population estimates and projections. For more than twenty years, the academic community, international organisations and institutes of statistics work continuously on improving data collection and quality of the estimates, and much progress has been made. Where do we stand now? What are the latest advancements in the methodology for migration estimates? How to foster more collaboration on these matters? These questions, and more, will be explored in an online seminar, organized under the umbrella of KNOMAD, the World Bank’s Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development.