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Vodafone Institute - DPA Conversation Webinar around "Using Data to Fight COVID-19 and Build Back Better”


Please consider joining the 1h conversation webinar that the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications and Data-Pop Alliance are organizing next Thursday December 10th at 4.00-5.00pm CET about and around our recent joint Policy Paper "Using Data to Fight COVID-19 and Build Back Better”, co-authored by Nuria Oliver, Natalie Shoup, Maria Antonia Bravo and Emmanuel Letouzé. 


The paper  linked herelanding page with and PDF document for download. 


The event will be moderated by Ms Inger Paus, Managing Director of the Vodafone Institute, and will feature Kenneth Cukier, Senior Editor of The Economist, as a discussant. It will take place via Zoom (and will be recorded)


To register, you have 2 optionsvia Linkedin or directly on Zoom. Please share the event / links with people who may be interested in your networks. 


The agenda will be as follows, starting at 4.00PM CET sharp: 


  • Opening and Introduction by Inger Paus (5mns)
  • Presentation of the paper by Nuria Oliver, PhD and I (10mns)
  • Critique / Discussion of the paper by Kenneth Cukier (10mns)
  • Open Discussion (30mns) moderated by Inger Paus around 3 guiding questions:
    • What resonated with you and what priorities do you support and why?
    • What did we miss, needs more / different emphasis, greater clarity?
    • How could you / your stakeholder group be engaged?
  • Synthesis and Way Forward by Inger Paus (5mns)
Some of the questions the paper and event aim to bring up are
  • How to leverage data to enable informed decision-making and discussions?
  • How to ensure access to digital tools for all citizens?
  • How to foster collaboration between the public and private sectors as well as civil society?
  • How to combat disinformation and avoid further polarization of societies?
  • How to bring about real systemic changes about the structural fault lines and injustices exposed ('laid bare') and exacerbated by COVID19 such that "Building Back Better" be more than a catchy and consensual but largely toothless slogan ?